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株式会社アビリカ ロゴ

奈良工業高等専門学校 学生作品

事務局 Office


2-22-17 Ceramics Building, Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0073

E-mail: jimukyoku@jsde.or.jp
Tel: 03-5348-6301
Fax: 03-5348-6280

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Journal “Design Engineering” Vol.59, No.5 2024
Special Issue: Application of Natural Language Processing in Design


Special Issue on “Application of Natural Language Processing in Design”
Yutaka NOMAGUCHI , 193

Current Status and Future Prospects of Natural Language Processing
Hidekazu YANAGIMOTO, 195

Natural Language Processing for Information Systems (NLP-assisted Design Process and LLM-featured System Design)
Shigeru HOSONO, 202

Methods for Suggesting Directions for Exploration and Exploitation in Product Design and Development
Masahiro OKAMOTO, Tamotsu MURAKAMI, 209

Basic Study on Supporting Idea Generation about Product Needs and Uses Using Natural Language Processing Techniques
Eiji MORINAGA, 216

Paper (Published in J-STAGE)

Development of a Force Sensor for a Neuroendovascular (Structure and Performance of the Improved Force Sensor)
Hiroki TADAUCHI, Yoshitaka NAGANO, Shigeru MIYACHI, Reo KAWAGUCHI, Tomotaka OHSHIMA, Naoki MATSUO, 223