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奈良工業高等専門学校 学生作品

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E-mail: jimukyoku@jsde.or.jp
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Journa of Japan Society for Design Engineering

JSDE journal “Design Engineering” has been issued at the 5th day of each month. To subscribe the journal, please refer publications page. JSDE members are eligible to be delivered the journal every month. For further information, pease refer JSDE membership benefits in introduction of JSDE.

Here is a collection of past magazine cover designs that have been adopted through a general public offering.

1. Latest issue

2. Next issue

3. Contact for inquiries

For questions about subscription, price or dispatching of the journal, please ask our Head office [e-mail:jimukyoku@jsde.or.jp].

4. Advertisement fee

Article location Page Color Nonmember Support member Remarks
Front cover 2
(Bottom of front cover)
1 1
(Black and White
half tone)
40,000JPY 30,000JPY Wanted
(Available only for One agency
per each month)
(Bottom of under cover)
35,000JPY 25,000JPY
(Top of under cover)
50,000JPY 40,000JPY
Posterior matter Ordinary page 1 30,000 20,000 Wanted
1/2 25,000JPY 15,000JPY
Arbitrary Ordinary page About 1/2 10,000JPY Available only for employment offers of schools and other research institutes
(including company agencies)

5. Flyer enclosing fee

Contents of flyers and leaflets should be matched to the purpose of journal to be enclosed.

Flyer: 1 sheet up to A4 size (Large size documents such as B4 and A3 can be enclosed, if folded by client)
Leaflet: 1 book (Up to 50g, under A4 size. Multiple pages should be stapled)

  • Nonmember 30,000JPY
  • Member 20,000JPY

All the flyers or leaflets should be made by clients

6. Back number index

Please see here for information on previous back issues.