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About JSDE

1. Introduction 

The discipline “Design Engineering” includes two different areas. The one is the new trend technology which bases on rapid development of computer aided technologies such as CAD, CAM or CAE. The other is the traditional design technologies based on the conventional knowledges and know-haws piled up by great forerunners. The range of this dicipline thus spans very wide area, from specialistic engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, electronics and architectonics, to newly developed fields such as system engineering, industrial engineering, reliability engineering, safety engineering and human engineering. The application of design engineering also covers various fields like mechanical design, architectural design, interior design, computer graphics, arts, technical drawing standards, CAD and so on.
Many technical high schools, technical junior colleges, senior colleges, universities and industrial companies has taken account of design engineering and technical drawing, which is highly related to design engineering. Those various academics and industries have influenced on the activities of JSDE. This variety of the related fields and organizations is one of the most important merit and characteristic of our society, JSDE.

JSDE will keep providing a lot of programs of information exchanges and human communications that are related to design engineering, for the public, in order to contribute to the improvement of related academic studies and technologies, and also to show our presence as a significant information center of design engineering.
We would like to address our activities to people those whom are related to or interested in design engineering, to get kind understandings. It is the most significant mission of JSDE to have many memberships and achieve a great progress together.

We are sincerely welcome you to join our membership.

2. Greeting from JSDE president

As the successor to the former president, Prof. Dr. Jun Tomioka, Waseda University, I have been appointed as the president of the Japan Society for Design Engineering. I and the elected executive board members will do our best for the further development of this society, and we would like to for the support and cooperation of all members of this society.

The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) since the beginning of the year 2020 has given a serious impact on the world. Our society was also forced to cancel the Spring Meeting in 2020 and to hold the International Conference ICDES2020 and the Fall Meeting in 2020 to the Spring Meeting in 2022 online. Finally, from the Fall Meeting in 2022, we have been able to hold face-to-face meetings and other meeting activities. Then, we would like to work on further revitalization of this society.

On the other hand, IT and AI have evolved dramatically during this Corona Disaster. Indeed, online meeting systems allow people to telecommute and AI produces texts and paintings and even poses a threat to education. However, people cannot live solely in the hands of computers. It is important to create new mechanical systems that support human life in the physical space. We believe that design engineering is positioned at the top of various academic fields for this purpose.

However, it is necessary not to maintain the old style of design engineering, but to incorporate new fields, including IT and AI so as to achieve insatiable evolution. We are currently reviewing the keywords in the field of design and the sessions of the Spring and Fall Meetings and are considering the selection and selection of them and the expansion of them. Resultantly, we hope to construct a new design engineering.

In 2026, our society will celebrate its 60th anniversary. While expressing our gratitude for the efforts of our great predecessors, we hope that all of society members will cooperate with each other even more than before in order to build the new design engineering that continue in the future.
We would like to ask all of you for your continued understanding and support for the activities of our society.

August, 2023
Nobuyuki Iwatsuki
President, Japan Society of Design Engineering
(Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

3. The history of JSDE 

 Our society was founded as Japan Society for Research of Design and Drafting at May 14, 1966. At that time, the word ‘design’ was directly recognized so as to be realized through technical drawing. The name of the society was given after such philosophy that strongly connects design and drafting. The number of original members was 440. Eighty percent of them were affiliated with educational organizations. Since the founding, publishing of journals and holding of annual conferences have been maintained as primary activities.

In 1970, the society was renamed Japan Society of Design and Drafting and was accredited as corporate aggregate by Minister of Education at April 1st, 1978. The worldwide engineering trend began to aim at intelligent technologies. In this trend, the meaning of design was also changed to effective application of newly developed technologies onto commercial products, however, the most practical representation of design was still drafting. The organization structure of the new academic society was established based on that philosophy. At January 23 in year of 1989, the society was again renamed Japan Society for Design Engineering, to clearly represent our mission and necessity of wider concept of design including drafting. Our journal title was also changed from ‘Design and Drafting’ to ‘Design Engineering’.

Since the founding, eight branches have been established in nationwide. The number of membership also has been increasing. In 1997, we had 1,300 of memberships, 60% from educationist and 40% from companies. In the year of 2006, JSDE celebrated 40th anniversary by holding International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES2005) at Vienna, Austria from October 28 to 31. The title of the conference included the word ‘Science’ to reflect our wish that the understanding for the difference of production approach and design philosophy behind design drawings would be deepened under the prediction of today’s internationally united and borderless world. This international conference has been held regularly in Tokyo in 2010, Pilsen, Czech Republic in 2013, Aachen, Germany in 2017, and Kitakyushu, Japan in 2020, expanding the opportunities for global exchange.

In 2011, JSDE was recognized as a public interest incorporated association, and in 2016, the 50th anniversary of the society’s founding was celebrated and has made further progress in our development.

Recent researches of design engineering has widely been extended in cooperative design, optimizing design, universal design, satisfying design, energy saving design, reverse engineering, concurrent engineering, CAD, CAE, CAM and so on. Such variety of research topics significantly represents the profundity of design engineering. We wish you to utilize our society as effective place of communication and information transmission on design engineering.

JSDE chronological table

1966May 14thJapan Study Group of Design and Drafting was founded.
Dr. Takeo Yoshizawa was elected as first president.
Journal ‘Design and Drafting’ was published 4 times per year.
1967Jan 15thHokkaido branch was established.
1968May 25thKyushu branch was established.
Nov 23rdKansai branch was established.
1969Apr 19thTokai branch was established.
1970Apr 1stThe society was renamed Japan Society for Design and Drafting.
1971 Journal ‘Design and Drafting’ was published 6 times per year.
1974Jun 14thChugoku branch was established.
Triarchy system for vice president was initiated.
1975May 17thTohoku branch was established.
Jul 21stShikoku branch was established.
1976Apr 17thHokuriku branch was established.
1978Apr 1stAccredited as corporate aggregate.
1979 Journal ‘Design and Drafting’ was published 9 times per year.
1982 Honor membership system was initiated.
Journal ‘Design and Drafting’ was published 10 times per year.
1983 Journal ‘Design and Drafting’ Vol.18, No.100 was issued.
1986May 24th20th anniversary event was held at Keio University.
Journal ‘Design and Drafting’ was published 12 times per year.
1989Jan 23rdThe society was renamed Japane Society for Design Engineering
Journal was also renamed ‘Design Engineering’
1996 30th anniversary year
1998 JSDE web site was opened.
2005 40th anniversary event, International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES2005) was held at Vienna, Austria.
2006 40th anniversary journal Vol.40, No.12 was issued.
2009SepJSDE web site was renewed.
2010NovInternational Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES2010) was held at Tokyo, Japan.
2011Apr 1stThe organization of JSDE was modified to public interest incorporated association.
2014SepInternational Conference on Design Engineering and Science(ICDES2014) is held at Pilsen, Czech Republic
201650th anniversary of foundation
2017SepInternational Conference on Design Engineering and Science(ICDES2017) is held at Aachen, Germany
2020NovInternational Conference on Design Engineering and Science(ICDES2020) is held Online

4. Benefits of JSDE Membership

Monthly journal “Design Engineering”

JSDE monthly journal “Design Engineering”, completed with not only latest academic papers about outcomes of researches, developments and education activities, but also dissertations, essays, tutorials and case studies that are useful for people who are involved in practical business in company or education activities, is delivered directly to you.
As for paper submission, limitational factors are reduced as possible so that one can submit a paper without having conference oral presentation as long as it is related to design engineering.

Invitation for conferences

JSDE annual conference has been held on each spring and autumn on every year and also held by branch’s discretion. Special symposiums and design forums are held at the same time. JSDE members can give presentations and exchange the latest research outcomes at those events.

Invitation to various events

JSDE has scheduled many workshops lectured by active trailblazers in industrial or educational field. Excursions are programmed several times on every year, except for factory tours that are held concurrently with annual conferences. Design Symposium is one of the biggest and most high-acclaimed event of JSDE, which has been held with latest trend of industrial or educational field as theme.

Research investigation activities

JSDE has established several specialized sectional boards focusing on significant issues on industrial and educational field, in order to promote joint researches between industrial and academic field. Outcomes from those activities are reported on our journals so that society members can obtain and utilize those informations immediately. Several projects titled “Commitee for drafting ISO/JIS standards” or “Commitee for CAD standardization”, delegated by Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Ministry of International Trade and Industry are the examples of these activities.

Benefits for supporting members

(1) Each unit of supporting membership entitles three memberships for constituent persons.
(2) One constituent person per each unit of supporting membership can attend at conferences and workshops held by JSDE at no charge.
(3) The list of the supporting members is printed on JSDE journal.
(4) Discount of advertisement fee of JSDE journal is applied.

Discount of student membership fee

For students belong to specified educational agencies authorized by committee, membership fee becomes half off the regular membership fee.

5. The steering committee

46th and 47th Steering Committee on year 2023 and 2024

  • President
    • Nobuyuki Iwatsuki (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
  • Vice Presidents
    • Tamotsu Murakami (The Univ. of Tokyo) (Executive Director, Research Investigations)
    • Kennichi Kobayashi (Meiji Univ.) (Publication)
    • Tomoyuki Miyashita (Waseda Univ.) (Enterprise)
  • Board Directors
    • Kennichi Kobayashi (Meiji Univ.) (Publication)
    • Toyomi Miyagawa (Nippon Institute of Tech.) (General Affairs and Finance)
    • Tomoyuki Miyashita (Waseda Univ.) (Enterprise)
    • Tamotsu Murakami (The Univ. of Tokyo) (Research Investigations)
  • Executive Board Members in HQ
    • Toru Ishida (Tokushima Univ.)
    • Ryohei Ishimaru (Kurume National College of Tech.)
    • Toshihiro Ito (Nagoya Institute of Tech.)
    • Yusuke Ota (Chiba Institute of Tech.)
    • Masayuki Ochiai (Tokai Univ.)
    • Toshiharu Kazama (Muroran Inst. of Tech.)
    • Takeo Kato (Keio Univ.)
    • Keisuke Kato (Meiji Univ.)
    • Kosei Kikuchi (Chiba Institute of Tech.)
    • Koichiro Sato (Chiba Univ.)
    • Takeshi Sawai (Osaka Sangyo Univ.)
    • Toshitake Tateno (Meiji Univ.)
    • Hidekichi Yanagisawa (Univ. of Tokyo)
    • Yoshiaki Yamazaki (Meisei Univ.)
    • Yosshida Hiroaki (Nihon Univ.)
  • Auditor
    • Jun Tomioka(Waseda Univ.)
    • Yoshiyuki Matsuoka (Keio Univ.)
  • Executive Board Members in Branches
    • Hokkaido: Toshiharu Kazama (Muroran Inst. of Tech.)
    • Tohoku: Tatsuya Ohmachi (Yamagata Univ.)
    • Tokai: Toshihiro Ito (Nagoya Institute of Tech.)
    • Hokuriku: Hitoshi Suwabe (Kanazawa Institute of Tech.)
    • Kansai: Takeshi Sawai (Osaka Sangyo Univ.)
    • Chugoku: Yasuhisa Sekiguchi (Kindai Univ.)
    • Shikoku: Toru Ishida (Tokushima Univ.)
    • Kyushu: Ryohei Ishimaru (Kurume National College of Tech.)

44th and 45th Steering Committee on year 2021 and 2022

For the history of previous presidents, directors and Councilors, please refere here.