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Eiji Mutoh Excellent Student Award

1. Introduction

JSDE has given Eiji Mutoh Excellent Student Award from year 2005. This award has been established based on the fund donated by Mr. Eiji Mutoh, ex-senior executive director of Mutoh Industries Ltd., and has been given to outstanding students who will contribute the progress of design engineering.

  1. Eiji Mutoh Excellent Student Award is given to a student of educational agency, Undergraduate School and Graduate School of Universities and College of Technology in which more than 3 JSDE members are belonging.
  2. Nomination can be applied from a director of each department or cource by using JSDE-specified application form. Therefore, the way of selection depends on each representative.
  3. Call for nomination is dispatched on November and the deadline is the end of next Janualy. Based on the applied nominations reported from the director of general affairs and finance, the board of directors chooses the winner in general meeting.
  4. The winners should have JSDE membership, or should already have applied when being recommended.
  5. The announcement of the winners and award ceremony are held at general meeting in the next year. Testimonial and prize medal are given to winners. The actual date and way of the presentation of the award depend on the representative of the department.
  6. The announcement of the winner is done at the next annual meeting and JSDE journal published after the general meeting.

2. Excellent Student Award Candidate Recommendation

Please see collesponding page in Japanese.

3. List of Honors

Honors of the years after 2016 are listed on the Japanese page.