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武藤工業株式会社 ロゴ


事務局 Office


2-22-17 Ceramics Building, Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0073

E-mail: jimukyoku@jsde.or.jp
Tel: 03-5348-6301
Fax: 03-5348-6280

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Outline of JSDE

The discipline “Design Engineering” includes two different areas. The one is the new trend technology which bases on rapid development of computer aided technologies such as CAD, CAM or CAE. The other is the traditional design technologies based on the conventional knowledges and know-haws piled up by great forerunners. The range of this dicipline thus spans very wide area, from specialistic engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, electronics and architectonics, to newly developed fields such as system engineering, industrial engineering, reliability engineering, safety engineering and human engineering. The application of design engineering also covers various fields like mechanical design, architectural design, interior design, computer graphics, arts, technical drawing standards, CAD and so on.

Many technical high schools, technical junior colleges, senior colleges, universities and industrial companies has taken account of design engineering and technical drawing, which is highly related to design engineering. Those various academics and industries have influenced on the activities of JSDE. This variety of the related fields and organizations is one of the most important merit and characteristic of our society, JSDE.

JSDE will keep providing a lot of programs of information exchanges and human communications that are related to design engineering, for the public, in order to contribute to the improvement of related academic studies and technologies, and also to show our presence as a significant information center of design engineering.

We would like to address our activities to people those whom are related to or interested in design engineering, to get kind understandings. It is the most significant mission of JSDE to have many memberships and achieve a great progress together. 

We are sincerely welcome you to join our membership.