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2023 Tour (face-to-face) Koganei Mold Co., Ltd.

Main products: precision resin molds, press molds, parts processing, design and production of molded products, etc.

1.Purpose of the event:

We decided to widely invite JSDE members to participate in the factory tour planned for the New Design Contest 2023. Koganei Mold Co., Ltd. is a company whose management philosophy is to contribute to society by quickly creating the products and production methods desired in the future using mold technology. General production (prototypes, molds, molding measurements) We provide a proposal-based solution service that thinks together from the client’s idea base and provides the actual manufacturing method. Koganei Mold accepts a wide range of factory tours, from companies that are considering doing business with us to field trips from elementary schools. increase. We will take a tour of the mold production site that supports Japanese manufacturing to see how he makes the plastic products around us. *This tour will be held face-to-face. *We may refuse to work with people in the same industry.


 First 10 people will be accepted.

3.date and time


4.Meeting place/time

 ・JR Hokuriku Shinkansen Sakudaira Station Tateshina Exit Happiness Bell

 ・12:30 (12 minutes by taxi to the site)


1119 Otai, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture 1385 0009
TEL 0267 68 0505 / FAX 0267 67 2921


 Society members (participation fee free, transportation expenses paid by the individual)

7. スケジュール

13:00-13:10 Opening remarks Content explanation, notes

13:10-14:10 Mr. Masafumi Aoki, Mr. Kazuo Maruyama, and others from Koganei Mold Greetings and introduction of company profile and initiatives

14:10-15:40 Factory tour

15:40-15:50 break

15:50-15:20 Q&A

16:20-16:30 Closing remarks (representative of the Japan Society for Design Engineering)



問合せ先:(公社)日本設計工学会 事業部会 講習会担当

TEL:03 5348 6301

Email: jimukyoku@jsde.or.jp