The 1st International Conference on Design Engineering and Science

October 28 - October 31, 2005

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Special speech:

'A Reflection on the History of Mechanical Design Education in Japan'

by Prof. Hiroshi Maki,
Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Keynote speeches:

  'On the Development of Engineering Design Science'

by Imre Horvath (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)

'Descriptive Geometry Education in 3D-CAD Era'

by Kenjiro Suzuki (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

'Technical Trends in Ball Screws'

by Hirokazu Shimoda (Meiji University, Japan)

'Consideration about Connection of Design Technology and Engineering Ethics'

by Shigeo Hirano (Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan) and Isamu Sakamoto (Osaka Sangyo University, Japan)

'Spatial Involute Gearing - A New Type of Skew Gears'

by Hellmuth Stachel (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)